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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
This end of year holiday..we do not go abroad thinking that the kids are still very small. We are planning to go for a holiday abroad whenever they understand to the word 'NO'....*chuckles* . To have fun, we spent time at the kids' favourite spot 'Jollybee'. It was actually their very first time to be freed to play at the in-door playground. However, they have to be guarded strictly especially our superhero Habibi.

He seemed to dominate the playground. Our two maids had to stay close to him as he joyfully climbed, jumped and slided with full of energy. The other children had to wait up till he was done with his slide. Habibati was easier to handle. When it was time for the spaghetti break, Habibi still wanted to carry on with his mission. So my hubby, Habibati and I enjoyed the delicious spaghetti while watching Habibi playing and the maids had to act as his securities.It was in deed our jolly time!


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12/30/2008 09:11:00 PM