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Thursday, December 4, 2008
Here the school break is on already till early next year. On the very last day of the academic calender, we celebrated the end of the school term by 'makan-makan' and lucky draws. It was undoubtedly fun. Together we set the rule for the lucky draws that every teacher should contribute a present which costs BND20 above. So in the end every one would come home with a present. Indirectly I would say that we exchanged presents for fun! Remember the 'barter trade system'....?

So as the foods for the "party"...teachers generously brought in what ever they could cook. It was almost like a 5-star hotel's lunch buffet. I was so highly tempted to taste every scoop of the delicacies. It seemed my dish was running out of space!

I bought a multi-purpose basket with stand and it was numbered 15 (my hubby's fav number). And the above picture shows my lucky strike, numbered four.

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12/04/2008 08:52:00 PM