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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
My darling daughter is very fond of this cheeky Jollybee. She loves everything about the Jollybee..the gravy..the spaghetti..the double cheese...If only she could remember about the mascot turning up surprisingly during her very first birthday....


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Monday, February 23, 2009

I made these birthday cuppies for my cousin's son, Ihsan. He is gonna be a terrific three this 25th February. I frosted the cuppies with butter icing and the flavour of the cake was totally chocolate. I am happy with the outcome....and I'm gonna make some again for my darling daughter's birthday...coming soon.


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Saturday, February 21, 2009
It seems our Fridays have always been our 'family's day out'. We went for a simple grocery shopping. I planned to make some cup cakes for the 3rd birthday of my cousin's son, Ihsan, next week. We brought along the kids and our two maids.
In the car.....they were very attentive to the surroundings and easy-to-manage.....
They looked so adorable and funny when we placed the both of them into the trolley with their fancy fans! But my shopping had not started yet ..though!
Whoosh! Shopping was quite an impossible one as the kids kept on bugging around to buy this and that! Hahhaa..

The above picture was an exhibition by Maggie. We were attracted to this gigantic maggie mee replica. Nice and creative yea...the coloured ropes acted as the noodle and the rest were totaly made of sytrofoam only.

After the shopping...we dined out but without the kids and the maids. We sent them off home and got some take-aways for them only. We went to our favourite South Indian and Arabic Nadj Restaurant. The deco of the restaurant was very simple but what I liked very much was the design of the top of the dining table....which I thought would match our furniture at home very well.

Our ordered meals were Lamb Fried Rice (for me) and Chicken Briyani set(for hubby). These would not complete with the presence of the hot lemon tea and milk tea...mmm..alhamdullilah...


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Friday, February 20, 2009
This morning I made onion fritters for our breakfast. I have tried this before but it is the dip that made this recipe new to us. Usually we just used the chilli and tomato sauce as the dip. Now the mashed sardines!
So how was the taste?
Very delicious ... the sardines and the onion fritters .....a perfect match in deed!
So wanna try this out?
Come and visit this love-to-share-recipe buddy of mine (thanks for sharing!)


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Thursday, February 19, 2009
1. Copy and paste the award and post it on your blog and sidebar.
2. Link it to the tagger.

3. Write something about the tagger too!
I was tagged by UmmiAfifah and here is something about her...
"Ummi Afifah, a beautiful mother to the cute Afifah. She has the same career as mine and loves reading motivational books and novels."
4. Lastly, you have to state ten facts about yourself or your hobbies before tagging the next favourite blogging buddies.
"I'm married to a wonderful hubby HusseiniHusseinHassan and we are blessed with two charming kids Habibi and Habibati. Being a busy career ummi doesnot affect the sense of motherhood as I put my family as my priority in life. I indulge myself very much in cooking, baking, reading and blogging of course! I'm a person who gets panicked easily. I love roses and strawberries. I'm grateful to Allah for bestowing upon me the strength and health to be able to breastfeed my Habibati until now...she will turn two this end of March. May my family and I be guided and protected by Allah the Almighty..Amin..."

This tag will chain with these cute buddies...Myza MummyHanan MummyGwen Cathj JoanneTiew and Snowdrop .


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I integrated the arts and crafts into my mathematics lesson today. The pupils had a group project which was making the models of solids. It was a great day..they enjoyed the stress-free lesson. Some of them were very creative and came up with very colourful solids. They even wanted to try out this activity with their siblings at home. That's a good sign of their positive attitude towards Mathematics. I took some snaps of them on-task...but...most of them were very shy...hehhehee...


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
For the dinner just now...I managed to prepare these. A very simple dinner of course. I had the Staff Development Programme in the went home around 4.30 p.m. Since the time was limited already and I forgot to ask my maid to thaw the frozen fish so canned squids would do! I just pan-fried them with my favourite pinky 'bunga kantan' which had made the dish so aromatically delicious. The green sawi was also pan-fried with some shrimp paste and lastly the ulam pengaga with its sambal 'membangan'. Sooo..simple...sooo delicious...for the busy ummi like me!

Opps...not to forget..I managed to make some potato pasta cheese pie for the craving-for-pie lady Zhoe..hope she will be happy tomorrow...


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This mathematics lesson was a fun one..which was also easy to teach...and more important....easy to be absorbed by the pupils. The lesson was on 'Solids'. They carried out a group activity of identification of the solids. Time flew very fast when we were having fun. So tomorrow they will make their very own models of solids.


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Our home sweet home is still like a nursery. I hope things will get back to normal when the kids start schooling by January next year. We have to minimize the decorations to ensure the kids' safety. They love to climb stairs, thus my hubby bought and fixed himself the ready-made barrier to enable them from going up the stairs.

The baby room is loaded with toys and 'vehicles'. As other kids, they are loaded with toys and 'vehicles' which sometimes are left untouched as they are easily bored. So dizzy to think where to store the toys..the playpen is the solution! I surely think our maids must have a hard time to get these toys organized...and in the end of the day...Habibi especially will become the spoiler!! LOL


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Monday, February 16, 2009
My 'basketball athlete boy' likes to join me when I'm reading a magazine. He is very much interested to what I'm reading or browsing. He comes near beside me and grabs my magazine and then opens the pages as if he is reading. Reading? yup!! He usually utters some sounds in 'he-only-knows' language....
But one thing about this picture....
Do you guys notice something funny about my basketball athlete boy?

Have a good look at what he is reading........girls' fashions!!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009
My cousin had come back from her family vacation in Singapore. She bought the kids the famous Marks and Spencer Mini Animal Biscuits. They are too cute to be eaten. My kids named the animal biscuits before crunching them...mmm...yummy..crunchy....! We are awfully glad when the kids can recognize the animals such as cat, owl, horse, elephant, turtle, sheep, hipopo, duck, tiger and lion. Too bad...that there is no M&S store here in Brunei...


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Saturday, February 14, 2009
We went to Qlap Mall last Friday to fullfill my urge to buy Victoria Secrets' ultra moisturising hand and body cream at Shop@Sarahs. I chose Delicate Petals. Love the scent to the fullest! The ingredients from a Secret Garden ...avacado, sweet almond and calendula oils. The scent is fabulous...tangerine, velvet rose and musk.
Then, we had our afternoon break at Jollibee..the kids' favourite eating spot. Habibati wouldn't miss the chance to pose with the cheeky Jollibee. Habibi had run away somewhere there with Ayah making it impossible to snap his shots.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The beauty concern blogger Ester is having her birthday this is the contest for us to join. She is giving away free mineral makeup before the end of this month. The contest starts today and everybody is welcome to join. I grabbed the code and put it anywhere on my website. The more traffics her website gets from my site, the more chances of winning.
The winner will get Loose Mineral Foundation and one Mineral Eyeshadow. Her Mineral Makeup is made up of pure Natural Minerals. No flour, No talc, No Corstarch, No paraben, nor bismuth, which can cause of skin irritations or allergies. If I were the winner (best of luck for me!), I will choose my own choice or colour.
So, here I am....grabbing the code to start the ball rolling. The contest will end at the end of this month. Everyday she will announce the Top 5 sites where her website gets the most traffic for the day.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
I received these awards....and I would love tp share these with the following blogging buddies...
The above award is given by the sweet Rozella and I would love to hand it over to Zhoewynz, Tina, Snowdrop and Iza.
Whereas the following award is given by the beauty concern lady named Tey.I am sharing it with Budhe, Cathj, MummyHanan, Ella, KakLin and Rozella.


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

This tag is very fun to do but frankly speaking mine is not as interesting as my beautiful tagger's (Tina). What comes up for me are as stated below ...shhhhh... telling you guys...since my name isn't that 'google-friendly' so I have to do some editting. Google doesn't specifically define mine...but to spread the fun...let's do it...

The way it works is you type your name in Google and then needs i.e (your name) needs and see what comes up!

Here they are:-

UmmiRosma needs some good luck (I thought I'm lucky enough!)

UmmiRosma needs to invite more friends (more blog-traffic means more blog-hopping????)

UmmiRosma needs more scent of strawberry (mmm..I love strawberries)

After a long day's work, UmmiRosma's tired body needs to be refreshed (Yes!! I do)

UmmiRosma needs something like Decaslim to shed off the pounds (Opps!)

UmmiRosma's needs a better guide to be able in gaining a lot of profits (Profit consultant?)

UmmiRosma needs to go buy some more cable for the new TV (My kids seem to dominate it)

I would like to see my following blogging friends join in the OK!

Marvel MummyGwen Nano JoanneTiew and Zhoewynz


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Friday, February 6, 2009
We went to Giant this afternoon without the kids. Our intention was to look for the kids' daily wears there. For us, Giant is a good place to shop for the 'daily wears' as the prices are considerably OK as long as the kids are comfortable with their clothes. I liked the tops which were sold in two's for only BND5 something. I then matched them with the colourful long pants which came in two's for less than BND6.
Then we had our late lunch at Giant Food Court. I ordered Sizzling Beef Rice with Mushrooms whereas my hubby's choice was Thai Fried Rice. Both of these dishes were fingerlicking good and it would not complete without the presence of the hot lemon tea for me and the ginger milk tea for my hubby.
The course was continued with our desserts ......the fancy-coloured donuts which cost only BND6 for a dozen of them. Sooooooo yummy... just look at these.....


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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm still having my cough. I think it's because of not taking the proper medication. I don't take the prescribed cough syrup accordingly as I don't like the effects...being so drowsy! Then the coughing has been making my larynx inflammation even worst. I just take some citrus juices to make it better. Eventhough I'm still not feeling very well, my appetite is still considered superb! I let go my cravings for the yummy wet kue teow at my favourite Azmee Restaurant Gadong. The dish was paired with a glass of hot lemon tea to soothe my larynx inflammation. The wet kue teow was heavily garnished with lots of vegetables which really suited my taste. I enjoyed my afternoon tea here....


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Being active the whole day long is what kids love to do. It's a normal thing that they can't sit still. I really love to see them jumping up and down, hopping here and there, putting on their cheeky smiles upon their faces, teasing each other, playing hide and seek, filling the spaces with love and's such a wonderful time..................and all these will be missed if ..............
......they are sleeping anywhere at any place.... long as the spot is cozy comfy!


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As the head of the Staff Development Programme at my school, I'm in charge of arranging the activities for the teachers. It is a tough job for me as well. I have to make sure all teachers achieve the 100-hour quality times and get the benefits of the developmental programme. So last Tuesday, we had a handicraft acitvity which was facilitated by our art and craft graduated teacher. Each of us made a book stand out of a disposed box. Everyone had an enjoyable time doing the handicraft...

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