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Thursday, February 19, 2009
1. Copy and paste the award and post it on your blog and sidebar.
2. Link it to the tagger.

3. Write something about the tagger too!
I was tagged by UmmiAfifah and here is something about her...
"Ummi Afifah, a beautiful mother to the cute Afifah. She has the same career as mine and loves reading motivational books and novels."
4. Lastly, you have to state ten facts about yourself or your hobbies before tagging the next favourite blogging buddies.
"I'm married to a wonderful hubby HusseiniHusseinHassan and we are blessed with two charming kids Habibi and Habibati. Being a busy career ummi doesnot affect the sense of motherhood as I put my family as my priority in life. I indulge myself very much in cooking, baking, reading and blogging of course! I'm a person who gets panicked easily. I love roses and strawberries. I'm grateful to Allah for bestowing upon me the strength and health to be able to breastfeed my Habibati until now...she will turn two this end of March. May my family and I be guided and protected by Allah the Almighty..Amin..."

This tag will chain with these cute buddies...Myza MummyHanan MummyGwen Cathj JoanneTiew and Snowdrop .


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2/19/2009 11:16:00 PM