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Saturday, February 21, 2009
It seems our Fridays have always been our 'family's day out'. We went for a simple grocery shopping. I planned to make some cup cakes for the 3rd birthday of my cousin's son, Ihsan, next week. We brought along the kids and our two maids.
In the car.....they were very attentive to the surroundings and easy-to-manage.....
They looked so adorable and funny when we placed the both of them into the trolley with their fancy fans! But my shopping had not started yet ..though!
Whoosh! Shopping was quite an impossible one as the kids kept on bugging around to buy this and that! Hahhaa..

The above picture was an exhibition by Maggie. We were attracted to this gigantic maggie mee replica. Nice and creative yea...the coloured ropes acted as the noodle and the rest were totaly made of sytrofoam only.

After the shopping...we dined out but without the kids and the maids. We sent them off home and got some take-aways for them only. We went to our favourite South Indian and Arabic Nadj Restaurant. The deco of the restaurant was very simple but what I liked very much was the design of the top of the dining table....which I thought would match our furniture at home very well.

Our ordered meals were Lamb Fried Rice (for me) and Chicken Briyani set(for hubby). These would not complete with the presence of the hot lemon tea and milk tea...mmm..alhamdullilah...


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2/21/2009 09:53:00 AM