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Monday, December 29, 2008
Last Saturday night, we rushed Habibati to JPMC Paediatric Ward as she developed some kind of rashes on her skin. It was around 8.30 p.m. while watching her favourite Mickey Mouse Club House, I noticed she was continuously scratching her face, hands and feet. I thought they were just the mosquito bites. Then, when I felt something was wrong with her facial skin, I took a closer look under the bright light. What I saw? There are red bumps all over her facial skin as well as her hands and feet. So off we blitzed to JPMC and luckily Doctor Victor Roy (Habibati's paed specialist) was on his night shift.
After the examination, Dr Roy convinced us that there was nothing much to be worried about because it was an allergy. He prescribed her with Prednisolone soluble tablets and Chlorpheniramine syrup. I gave her the medicines using the syringe while she was sleeping. The doctor advised us to stay in the ward for two and a half hours in order to observe the effect of the medicines. Only Allah knows how I felt during those 'heart-throbbing' moments, deep in my heart praying to Allah for Habibati's recovery. And alhamdullilah, we were allowed to go home when the doctor observed her improvement.
It was really a night to remember!


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12/29/2008 10:44:00 PM