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Thursday, December 4, 2008
This recipe is shared by MummyHanan.

I have tried it for dinner.The ingredients comprised fresh kue teow, fresh baby corns, fish cakes, blue shrimps, chopped chicken, carrots, oyster sauce and black pepper sauce. How to cook?

It's as simple as abc...

First, fry the chopped garlics till fragrant. Then pop the carrot and young corn slices in. Fry them for a while then put in the oyster sauce and black pepper sauce. Pour in the chicken stock (prepared earlier) so that it looks like a soup. Wait till it boils then pop in the chicken meat, fish cakes and the blue shrimps. Mix some corn flour with a little water in a bowl and then pour it into the boiling soup. Mix them well until the soup thickens.
Something new or special about this recipe is that eggs are not blended with the boiling soup but with the fresh kue teow instead. Then in a wok, the fresh kue teow plus eggs are fried together for a while.The colour of the kue teow after being fried was fabulously golden. Served hot in a bowl, the fried kue teow is bathed with the thick soup. It's time to enjoy the mouthwatering recipe. I highly recommend the love-to-cook gangs out there to have a try....

To MummyHanan -->Thanks for sharing...bcoz sharing is caring kan!


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