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Monday, November 17, 2008
We went to Kg Kiudang (my in-laws' place) where we spent most of the time in their very old 'dusun buah'. There were rambutans, durians and kepayang during this season which were ready to be picked/harvested/collected. I knew I would be victimized by the stingy mosquitoes so ....earlier....I put on the insect repellent cream.
My hubby was proud to have found the fallen durians in hidden in the bushes. Next pix -> Me eating away the the sweet and juicy rambutans. Next to it -> my happy SIL with her durians.

My mother in-law was skinning the 'kepayang' fruits. This is called 'kepayang' fruits in Brunei. Nowadays, these fruits are coming to their extinction is hard to find such fruits anymore. The edible part is actually the seeds. Only the old folks know well how to process them into 'budu' or eaten alone after being repeatedly boiled. I bet some of you have not seen such I right?

I really like this shot...these worn out shoes really did well in the 'jungle'!

...but...whose cute little feet would those belong to?

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