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Saturday, November 8, 2008
This afternoon Habibati had an appointment with Dr Roy at JPMC Paediatric for a general health assessment and a DTap/HIB vaccination. She was fully asleep when the vaccination was given to her and of course she woke up and cried loudly as soon as the needle got into her soft skin. I felt sorry for her but this had to be carried out.

There we still could see the picture of Habibati when she was born on the 'thank you card' that we gave. We loved to see the display of cards and pictures of the babies born there.

Then after that, as usual, she wanted to see the horses at the ranch outside the private hospital. She was very off we drove along the ranch to see her favourite mammals. My hubby and I laughed at her when she kept on uttering 'hosh' 'hosh' which she meant 'horse'.
After that we had some tea at Nadj Restaurant (opps! I forgot to capture the foods that we ordered). Habibati sat on the high chair and enjoyed her time scribbling away...while we were enjoying our teatime.

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11/08/2008 12:26:00 AM