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Saturday, November 1, 2008
I got this recipe from KRAFT and I modified the recipe according to my family's taste. The original name for it is 'Rainbow Spaghetti' and now it has turned into UmmiRosma's Spaghetti..(*chuckled*)...

The propose of posting this recipe to recommend the mummies out there to have a good try on this. It was very delicious in deed. My family loved/loves/will love it very very much...especially my dear hubby (tnx for the compliments)...
The ingredients were simple and easy-to-get....I started off by frying the onions and shallots together. Then I put in two tablespoons of milk powder and stirred it slowly until the milk thickened.
Then I popped in the cubed capsicum (I preffered the red ones) and pre-boiled potatoes and grated pumpkin.I mixed them slowly on a very low heat level. Then the tuna chunks and grated cheese went in. I covered the non-stick pot after they were well-mixed. I let it cooked for about 6 minutes.
After that, I layered the spaghetti pasta with the cooked mixture and garnished with fresh spinach leaves. Lastly I topped the pasta with egg plus milk mixture.
Next, off it went into the oven for 25 minutes....and done!

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11/01/2008 09:43:00 AM