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Friday, April 10, 2009
Habibi likes to watch the Play House Disney Channel. He will fight his sleepiness just not to miss the shows. Sometimes, when his sissy is already asleep, he will wake her up so that they can watch together thier favourite cartoons. It will be unbearable when both of them stay up fresh till late night to follow up all the shows...first Dibo then followed by Mickey Mouse Club House then comes up next My Friends Tigger and Pooh then pops out The Little Einsteins...! Ummi and Ayah will certainly become a pair of "pandas" with black eye bags! LOL
Darling Habibi might be bored because Habibati was asleep already...just have a look at his boring face! Then, he grabbed the remote control and manipulated it. In various styles...he sat on the sofa...till his eyes turned droopy. Quickly I put a pillow on the sofa so that he could relax and slowly zzzzz....zzzz....


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4/10/2009 09:21:00 PM