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Wednesday, April 8, 2009
My new project late this afternoon, making Pai Tee or 'top hats'. I have been searching for a paitee mold quite a long time ago. It is not anywhere to be found here. Luckily my jobmate, MummyHannan, offered me if I wanted the paitee mold. Of course I gave a big yes to this one. MummyHanan's husband went to KL and bought one for me too (free of charge...bunch of tnx!!!).
So I had a go with the recipe taken from this book.
I thought it was an easy job but NO! I made so many ugly pai tee cases at first and faced a problem that I could not get the pai tee cases off the mold easily. Another problem..the pai tee cases quickly turned dark brown. I nearly gave up. However..I'm craving for these tempting top hats! But after going through several trials and errors...I finally made some good outcomes.
Below is the filling of the pai tee...stir-fried prawns and carrots with some dashes of oyster sauce. The pai tee mold is shown here too.

These are the pai tee that I have made with the filling inside. The taste? mmmm.....yummy..crispy......

P/S--->To MummyHanan and hubby...tonnes of thanks for your generosity to charge me freely for the pai tee mold yea *winks*. It's true you have said...lau tedapat banyak mold atu lagi tah siuk tu mbuat pai tee ah...heheeeee....*hint*hint*


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4/08/2009 09:19:00 PM