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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Our favourite Hua Ho Mall is having the toy fair and so many toys are exhibited. Our actual aim to go there was to do our little grocery shopping but nothing could stop our little hero from enjoying himself at the exhibition. He was very much attracted to the toys (of course!!) and strongly magnetized himself there. He climbed onto the motorbike himself and did not want to let go of it. So lucky, there was a security standing by the entrance. My hubby suggested him to scare Habibi so that he would let go of the bike. Our plan worked out well! LOL
My hubby bought Habibi a robot (although he owned one already). He just couldnot wait any longer to hold the robot. Do you notice his stretching hand?

Then, after all the toys were paid off, Habibi insisted to bring himself the robot! How funny he was!! We bought the sissy some toys too..a culinery set and a musical iron.

And of course..we had our early dinner at the food court there too. I had an appetite for a Labenese meal at Sbinati Kebab. I had my yummy shwarma chicken with seasoned chips and my hubby chose the chicken shwarma rice. Habibi had the shwarma rice only.
While waiting for the meals to come...Habibi had his scribbling time with Ayah. Then arrived the meals.....yum yum yum!!
We were eager to go home (and we knew Habibi was too!) to show the sissy the toys. She was happy to the fullest and even brought the toys to sleep. Wanna know the condition of Habibi's robot now?
Jeng..jeng...jeng....(take a deep breath yea..!)

Oh...poor robot!

The poor robot could only survive for less than half an hour....!!

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