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Monday, March 23, 2009
We did not have a specific plan yesterday. So after the breakfast..I went outside and had a look at my orchids which I had not talked with for quite a long time. I pruned the long and extended roots and gave some love talks to these that they would grow healthier and bear more flowers. Too bad...I forgot to snap the pix..!
While I was spraying water to these orchids...I didnot realize that I had been actually observed by my curious kids from behind. Then as usual...they asked for the water sprayer and tried to manipulate this 'cool' thing! I let them play with this thing..and when they successfully managed to spray the water out..they laughed aloud. They learnt something about the water sprayer and enjoyed their happy hour together...

Then in the afternoon, my hubby brought Habibi for his haircut. Since Habibati was still having her afternoon nap, I joined them to the Indian barber. This time Habibi didnot cry but still didnot cooperate with the barber very well. So Ayah had to snuggle him while his hair was being trimmed.

Then, we sent Habibi home because he was feeling uncomfortable. Now...the sissy was already awake and insisted on joining us again. It's her turn. She was happy as Ayah treated her with an icecream. Actually this is her very first time! She seemed to like it to the fullest...but Ummi won't let you eat it often ya darling!


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3/23/2009 08:58:00 PM