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Monday, January 26, 2009

Here in Brunei we experienced a partial solar eclipse at 4.42p.m. until sunset. At my place, it was not very obvious as the weather was already dull and wet just now. It was reported that the solar eclipse passed across the Indian Ocean and West of Indonesia.
Talking about the eclipse, I have heard before about the standing eggs. I have read about this so many times before but have not had a chance to experiment it. I learned that an egg could stand upright on its end due to the gravity of the earth during the eclipse. So I carried out an experiment with an egg first on the table in the kitchen. It took me few minutes to make it stand and the result was nil. Then I changed position..down on the kitchen tiled-floor. Wow! in less then a minute, I could successfully make it stand on its end. I even tried with three eggs and they did. Pretty amazing yea...
However, when I googled up just now..some articles said that the 'standing eggs phenomenon' is just a myth...some said that the eggs can be standing upright at any time of the day...
Nevertheless, I will try again at any time, on any day...because being curious is good right?

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1/26/2009 09:26:00 PM