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Sunday, January 25, 2009
I planned to treat my jobmates with these...
I woke up early...tiptoed silently...downstairs to the kitchen...
With all my heart...I prepared them...all by myself..

I was running out of time! It was 7 a.m. sharp and I was again late for the school assembly!

I asked one of my maids to have a look at some of the pasta cuppies that were still oven-baked.

I said to myself,
It's ok..I would go to work first then come back home for a little while to take these pasta cuppies to school again.

Very unlucky,
that the traffic jam wasn't due yet..

But the lady named Zhoe was so lucky that she agreed to convoy with me home at 1p.m. and got herself 15 pasta cuppies. Dah rezeki dia...

I enjoyed my lunch....a mug of hot milo and a cup of the baked cheesy pasta with tuna...all by my myself!


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1/25/2009 01:09:00 AM