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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Salam...Good day..! I'm back......

As a breastfeeding ummi...I am very grateful to Allah *syukur alhamdulillah* for bestowing me such strength to fully breastfeed my 16-month-old Habibati. Everytime I breastfeed her..I feel proud....great....wonderful.....
Oh ya... I really love to share globally with the breastfeeding moms the goodness of Breast Milk.. and for more readings have a go to this website at
Goodness of Breast Milk

Just as the baby is well protected in the womb, breast milk offers similar protection to the baby after birth. Breast-feeding in the first one hour following birth is a MUST.
Breast-feeding is wholesome and absolute nourishment for the baby during the initial 6 months. It is important to exclusively breast feed the child during the first six months without the requirement of other milk, food or water.
• Colostrum, the pale yellow first milk present in the initial 2-3 days following birth provides resistance against infections and diseases.
Adequate calories are contained in breast milk with the right amount of fat, lactose, vitamins, minerals, water and enzymes, just right for baby’s needs.
• It is completely free of germs and bacteria and can guard the baby from any infection. Further, it has protective ingredients which inhibit the growth of bacteria in the intestine, the leading cause of diarrhea in infants.
Breast milk is economical and free from contamination. No preparation time is required as it is always ready when the baby needs.
• Breast milk goes beyond being just ‘food’ for the baby. It enhances bonding between the mother and child, providing security, warmth and comfort to the infant.
Formula for Life Long Health – Breast Milk

There are innumerable life-long benefits of breast milk and some are listed below :-

• Breast feeding offers protection against respiratory illnesses.
• Incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and allergic conditions are less in breastfed babies.
• Breastfeeding gives an impetus to the development of the brain. Babies fed on breast milk portray higher intelligence quotient than infants on other baby food.
• Breast feeding mothers regain their pre-pregnancy weight much faster than mothers who do not breast feed.

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