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Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Again...talking about the World Breastfeeding Week...I think it would be beneficial to share globally some valuable personal experiences regarding breastfeeding...and if there are breastfeeding mommies happen to be hopping here..let's do it!
I will first share about the foods and drinks that I usually take which I believe can boost up my breastmilk production. Boiling barley with some rock sugar cools down my body heat but increases the production of my BM. Another one...traditionally my mom wouldnt allow me to eat much spicy foods especially the curry-based delicacies...but how could I ever resist such temptation? *LOL* In fact, everytime I have curry-based BM does increase! I have come across some articles saying that the fenugreek seeds(in Malay 'halba') contained in the curry powder play the important role in improving the blood flow in our body, thus improving the BM production.
Ok...that's all for now.. and will continue some time this week...
Good days ahead.........happy weekend!

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7/31/2008 09:33:00 PM