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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
......The Science La Main A La Pate Workshop......
This is something that I would like to share with you guys regarding the workshop that I am attending this week. It is very beneficial for us the Science teachers as we are able to strengthen our knowledge in teaching Science by applying the "inquiry" approach. Can you guys spot me?
*chuckled* UmmiRosma is wearing the black and white tudong (head scarf)...

This is the extraction of the article written by Fadhil Yunus from the Borneo Bulletin and the photo is a courtesy of Ministry of Education.

"The science educators applying the logic and reason of science as a way to enhance their teaching skills. - 25 teachers attended the La Main A La Pate Workshop, a hands-on science workshop for educators, at the Katok "A" Primary School in Tungku yesterday. The science workshop was initiated by Mrs Estelle Blanquet, from the University of Nice, France and jointly organised by the Human Resource Development Section and Department of the Ministry of Education. The programme covered 10 mandatory principles in which teachers had to observe in order to gain an understanding of the practicalities of scientific knowledge. Some of the principles included the need to fill in their science notebooks with their own words, pairing up with scientific partners to accompany them in their work and also involved the training of vocational schools. The workshop is designed to enhance the teachers' knowledge and their understanding of science and the practicalities of inquiry. Teachers are taught and trained to readily identify and apply scientific argument and reason."

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8/20/2008 11:14:00 PM