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Thursday, May 8, 2008
Habibati's 1st Year birthday Party with Jollybee
This birthday party was celebrated with joy and was fun! Although it has been postponed to this date..4thMay 2007 which happened to be my beloved father's bdy too! It was just a "family-only" birthday party..nevertheless...everything went on well. .Our birthday girl was stunned by the appearance of Jollybee. So was Habibi. Thanks Jollybee for making our princess' birthday party very cheerful and enjoyable! Alhamdullillah...

I made her birthday cake myself..well it was a simple one though! Double-layered vanilla sponge cake coated with nutella spread and topped with cheese cream and fruits. Hweva, I was very upset for not having strawberries! We had been looking for them everywhere but null...mmmm. My mom then showed off her talent in making the 'pulut kuning' for Habibati and my father. Tnx ma...really love ur air tangan...yummy...all-time-favourite!

Now this is our hero Habibi in disguise...!

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5/08/2008 10:45:00 PM